Covid19 support.

We understand that this is a very unusual and difficult time for everyone.

The LMC Group is determined to continue to provide vital supports to you over this uncertain period.

Our core dedication to supporting individuals to gain and maintain valued roles remains unaltered.

However how we do this has evolved for the short term.

Over this period we are offering:

  • More frequent mentoring sessions
  • Connecting via video conference or phone call

Our main tasks

  1. Emotional support as people’s lives go under tremendous changes
  2. Finding creative ways to sustain/maintain/deepen current roles,
  3. Identifying new roles and opportunities
  4. Helping focus person to maintain their social connections creatively
  5. Creating structure and routine within the home/self isolation period
  6. Planning for the future– creating new roles and connections for when things go back to normal
  7. As things settle in the coming months- plan for transition back into community

Our main shift is from exploring these tasks within broad and external community, to doing it from the safety and comfort of your home. Maintaining your well being over this period is critical.