Sharing Stories

Connecting with others.

As human beings, we are social creatures. Finding ways to connect with people we like and share interests with is so important.

Sarah* was about to turn 30 years old. She wanted to do something special to celebrate this exciting milestone.

With the support of her mentor from the LMC Group, she planned her dream birthday bash! It involved planning a dinner party with some of her close friends and family members. Sarah was supported to create a guest list, send out invitations and reminders in the lead up to the big day. Together with her mentor and her cooking teacher, she wrote up a menu and shopping list.

Sarah was in charge of setting the table, placing the decorations and cooking some delicious food for her Mexican fiesta. Her guests arrived on the evening of her party, and she greeted them all at the door.

This was a wonderful way for Sarah to further explore her love of cooking, socialising and hosting. Overall, the dinner party was a huge success! Sarah is now thinking about her next big social gathering…perhaps a cooking class.

*Name has been changed to protect persons privacy

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