Our team.

Lauren Mandel | Managing Director

Lauren is the Founder and Managing Director of the LMC Group, since its establishment in mid 2018. Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), and Masters of Social Work Degree, with strong interest in the Social Role Valorization (SRV) Framework, Customised Employment, Homeshare and Microenterprises, which underpins the work of The LMC Group.

For over 15 years, Lauren has worked in the disability space with a particular passion for cutting edge supports. Some career highlights include being a Circles of Support Facilitator; Chairperson of Local Council’s Disability Reference Committee; Research Assistant for Independent Supported Living Project; NDIS Transition Coordinator in Local Government; Support Coordinator; Teaching Associate and Supervisor at Monash University; and the inaugural Inclusion Coordinator for a grassroots sports club.

Lauren is an avid SRV student, as well as applying and sharing broad learnings through webinars and presentations. The hope is to create a movement of dreamers who can see the true possibilities open to people with disability, and work towards these.

Outside of work and study committments, she’s finding ways to explore her own passions as a aspiring piano player, book lover, runner, vegetarian homecook and gym junkie! Lauren is the proud Mum of gorgeous 4yo Georgia, 2yo Walter and furbaby Winston (a golden retriever)

[email protected] 0412 605 480

Anna Moore | Consultant

My name is Anna. I have a background in design and illustration, having worked in the advertising industry and as a freelancer. Over the past couple of years I have pivoted into working in the disability sector, having completed my Certificate IV in Disability (including a placement at The LMC Group!)

Since my studies I have worked as an independent disability support worker and business mentor, with a special focus on supporting a range of creative pursuits and small businesses. Outside of work, you’ll find me attending local artists markets, and drawing all things cute! I feel very excited and lucky to be working as part of the wonderful LMC team.

[email protected] 0423 802 253

Casey Townsend | Consultant

My name is Casey and I have worked in the disability sector for the last 2 and a half years, starting as a support worker and then into a case manager role.  During COVID I was looking for a career change from fine dining and hospitality into more meaningful work and found my passion in this industry.  I love connecting with my community and creating positive change in people’s lives!

Outside of work you can find me cooking up a storm, reading in the sun with my two cats Greg and Mia, and attending as many runs of Hamilton/any musical as physically possible.   I am so excited to be joining and working alongside the amazing LMC team

[email protected] 0402 929 926

Diana Chetritt | Consultant

Diana has had over 15 years of nurturing young minds in the Early Learning sector and has had the privilege to meet and work alongside many families and communities. 

Diana started as a Lead Educator in 2009 to a Centre coordinator working together with a team of 20 Educators. 

 She has a strong passion and a profound commitment to fostering positive change in individuals, a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Outside of work i enjoy bush walks, coffee and spending time with my children and family.

[email protected] 0409 046 689

Karolinka Roberts | Consultant

Karolinka brings over two decades of diverse life experiences spanning across Australia, the UK, and the Middle East. As a devoted mother of three and with a professional background in Occupational Therapy, she embodies a passion for promoting wellness, inclusion, and advocating for the most vulnerable.

With a warm, caring demeanour and an open heart, Karolinka effortlessly connects with individuals from all walks of life. Her core values revolve around gratitude, mindfulness, and embracing life’s true essence. She finds joy in empowering others to pursue their goals and lead fulfilling lives.

Nature lover, Karolinka finds solace in camping, skiing and coastal walks, Her dream of one day living on a small farm reflects her desire for a slower, more meaningful existence. She finds delight in simple pleasures like a cosy winter fire, exploring markets, fields of flowers and finding a view!

Professionally Karolinka has worked in both hospital and community settings, deeply valuing her volunteer work with children coping with loss. Her compassionate, heart-led approach ensures that those she mentors feel profoundly heard and understood. Grounded in empathy and sensitivity, she navigates challenges with grace and attunement. 

Drawing from her holistic perspective shaped by her occupational therapy background, Karolinka emphasises the importance of self-care and finding activities that resonate deeply with our souls. She champions the idea of each individual having their own unique set of values and interests, encouraging a life illuminated by meaningful connections and pursuits.

[email protected] 0413 210 157

Nellie Godwin-Welch | Consultant

Nellie has spent the last decade working within the disability sector across many different roles, including as a direct support worker, case manager, and helping build a disability supports provider. Nellie was drawn to LMC by its ethos and way that it brings to life the framework of Social Role Valorisation (SRV) into real outcomes for individuals in the community. She is the proud sister of a young man who lives with multiple disabilities, who has been a role model to her in how to live with joy, humour and resilience.

Nellie completed a Master of Health Care Management at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and wrote her thesis on ‘Building Partnerships between participants, families, and service providers within the NDIS in Australia.’ Nellie has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), majoring in history and international studies.

Nellie has travelled to 26 countries, a highlight being hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. She loves yoga, hiking, reading, listening to podcasts, and learning languages. Her future goals are to become a yoga teacher and write a book. 

[email protected] 0434 541 182

Annabel Caddy| Student Intern

My name is Annabel, and I am currently a third year Social Work Student at Deakin University. I am commencing my first placement at The LMC Group to gain foundational knowledge to begin the journey of my career in the health sector. Throughout my many years working in the public sector and collaborating with a diverse range of people, I have obtained many skills, such as problem solving, efficiently finding solutions, leading and working in teams, as well as the ability to adapt quickly and critically analyse situations. 

In my down time, I love to socialise with my friends and family by going out and enjoying beautiful sites, restaurants, cafes, and local entrainment together. I like to winding down by binging my current favourite TV series or playing games with my partner. Additionally, I’ve just recently been motivating myself to begin my fitness journey, and have been enjoying reformer pilates and HIIT cardio workouts. 

I greatly look forward to this new experience, and highly appreciate the multitude of support and opportunities The LMC Group has given me.

Shyama Mudalige | Student Intern

I am Shyama, a third year Social Worker Student at Deakin University. I have been working in the public sector since 2016 and had opportunities to work with diverse group of people. My experience in the public sector motivated me to undertake studies in social work. As I proceeded through my studies, I became more passionate and enthusiastic about new learning to contribute as a social worker. I felt a warm welcome and belongingness since my first interaction with the LMC group.

I spend my free time reading nonfiction books and listening to Spiritual Enrichment: I find solace and personal growth in listening to spiritual speeches, which enrich my values and contribute to my overall well-being. Also, I am passionate about traveling with my family.

As a Social Worker, my journey begins at LMC Group, which is a great place to commence my career change; I am very much looking forward to it.