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Starting my own business.

A micro business involves creating a small business enterprise based on a persons interests and skills. It enables them to have access to a customised job based around their strengths.

Samantha* is a 20-something year old female with a love of all things entertainment; she was born to be a star and enjoys singing, dancing and acting. She is a socialite who thrives when spending time with friends and family. Samantha attends a disability day program full time and is seeking paid employment in the community.

Samantha was attending weekly mentoring sessions with a Consultant from The LMC Group.

They would spend time together, and with a small group of her family and friends talk about her ‘dream job’. This involved exploring her skills, strengths and passions.

Through these regular gatherings and conversations, the idea was born to support Samantha to become an Event Planner.

Samantha’s business is still in its infancy stages. However, she has hosted two very successful events, both well attended with over 100 people coming along to connect and enjoy! The first event involved a partnership with her local movie cinema and the second was a virtual movie night.

To enable her to fulfil the role of Event Planner, the LMC Group has helped Samantha: identify her business name and branding; develop promotional material; host a website; network and connect with others; prepare catering; bump in and bump out of events and more.

We hope to continue to support Samantha in her ventures as an Event Planner; watch this space!

*Name has been changed to protect persons privacy

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