How we do it.

We are committed to joining the journey of those individuals who are like minded and are in pursuit of the good things of life. We are deeply committed to understanding and implementing the broad framework of ‘Social Role Valorization’ (SRV). The LMC Group offers:

  • Mentorship: We want to get to know you. Working one person at a time, we will spend time together exploring your gifts, talents and passions; and identify valued roles for you to gain and maintain. We’ll work with you and your network in a customised way to bring about your unique lifestyle. Regular one on one mentoring sessions allows us to build a connection and understand your preferences and vision for a good life.
  • Community Connection: We want to transform and elevate peoples mindsets. We will do this by researching, networking and connecting with your local communities. Through this process, you will be supported to meet new people and find new places to build a sense of belonging.
  • Collaboration: It is important for us to work closely with those around you; your friends, family and key supporters. We will work with integrity, being transparent to all stakeholders, continually striving for real and honest change.

We like to keep things exciting. The world is our workplace.
To ensure we can help connect you to community, we spend our time working in the community. We will meet you and your networks at your preferred location. Often you’ll find us at our mentees home or their favorite café, library, sports club, workplace, parks and more!

We currently service South East areas of Melbourne.