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Living in my own home.

Having a place to call home and feeling a sense of safety, security and comfort is vital. Its important to have full control over who, where and how you live.

Emma* is a female in her 30’s who had lived in a group home for over 10 years. She was becoming increasingly frustrated in her living environment; not getting to choose who she lived with, what they did and how they did it.

Yes, she had a house over her head, but it was not a home; i.e. a place she could relax, unwind, and express her preferences and passions.

Emma was supported by The LMC Group to start thinking about her dream home. They met many times, together with a small group of friends and family to vision and strategise for a better life.

The LMC Group made a detailed plan over many months, to help bring Emma’s vision to life. This involved thinking about: finding a suitable place to live, advertising and screening for potential housemates; establishing a new structure in the home; finding ways to personalise the home and make it feel welcoming and safe. Careful consideration went into exploring and deepening Emma’s roles in the home such as housemate, homemaker, neighbour and homecook.

After over a year, Emma finally moved into her own home! The LMC Group continues to support this arrangement, offering support to Emma, her housemates and family to ensure it is a happy and sustainable arrangement.

*Name has been changed to protect persons privacy

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