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Gaining my dream job.

Working and contributing to community is such an important part of most peoples identities. When we meet someone for the first time, we often ask “What do you do”? Ensuring people have a job they love and are good at is key!

Ilana* is 29 years old, and was determined to gain meaningful paid work doing something she loves. Explorations of Ilana’s future career path commenced with discussions with her mentor from The LMC Group, around her interests and strengths. For Ilana, this was quite straight forward. She loved dancing, singing, music and theatre. Additionally she had experience working in customer service roles and food retail. Therefore it was identified that pursuing a job in a local theatre would be the perfect setting for Ilana to thrive.

As a job seeker, Ilana had to spend some time with her mentor getting herself job ready. Completing her resume, refining her interview skills, researching potential employers, networking, and ensuring she had all the relevant competencies and qualifications such as her Working with Childrens Check, Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA), Fire Warden and Food Safety Handling Certificate. Additionally, Ilana was supported by LMC to connect and volunteer with some local Not For Profit community theatre companies.

After applying for many jobs and attending lots of network meetings, Ilana finally landed several dream jobs; working as a Front of House employee across three of Melbourne’s Theatres.

As the saying goes “the show must go on” and so will Ilana’s journey towards a full and rich career in theatre!

*Name has been changed to protect persons privacy

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