Living in your own home.

The LMC Group has proudly supported a small number of individuals to successfully move into their own home. For some, its living with a housemate(s) who provide social companionship and support, in exchange for subsidised rent (homeshare). For others, they may choose to live alone or with a spouse, and have informal and formal support as needed. Conversations are held around where you want to live (e.g. location, type of property, rental vs ownership), supports needed and how to safeguard this vision long-term.

Individual Living Options (ILO) is a unique component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which identifies that individuals should have full control over who, where and how they live. ILO’s involve a two step process of planning/visioning for your dream home setup, and then executing and maintaining the arrangement. We are here to walk beside you in the journey.

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